Secure Service with the Superior Appliance Warranty

Superior Appliance is dedicated to offering the appliance repair Brooklyn, NY needs to keep working and living well. With trained specialists performing repairs on the world’s leading appliance brands, the company has established a track record of outstanding service and reliable maintenance. Whether rescuing a home from an emergency breakdown or just conducting a regular checkup on a functioning appliance, the Superior Appliance team will make sure that homeowners and tenants enjoy the convenience of a quality appliance for years to come. In most cases, the right repair job is all an appliance will need, but it’s always smart to have extra protection. That’s why Superior Appliance offers its comprehensive warranty.

Superior Appliance’s policy provides a one-year warranty on major parts as well as a 30-day warranty on performed labor. This ensures that important services like Maytag repairs will resolve problems in the long term. In addition, if a serviced appliance has problems within 30 days of an initial repair, Superior Appliance will perform additional repairs at a 50% discount on labor.

When customers call on Superior Appliance for service, they can feel secure that they won’t be left in the lurch. The company stands by its professional technicians and helps its customers every step of the way.

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