Appliance Repair: Brooklyn, NY Specialists on Air Conditioners

whirlpool appliance repair

Choosing the right air conditioner is one of the most important decisions you can make for your home during the summer. Skilled technicians such as Maytag repairs specialists can help you maintain your air conditioner unit for optimal performance, but before you call in the experts, you’ll want to be informed about your home’s cooling needs. How many BTUs should your air conditioner put out per hour? It all depends on the dimensions and conditions of the room you want to cool.

Smaller rooms, from 100 to 150 square feet in area, can get by with an air conditioner that produces 5,000 BTUs of cooling per hour. Larger rooms in the 300 square foot range will need a more powerful unit–ideally, one that can produce 8,000 or more BTUs. Some conditions can change the amount of cooling a room needs: Especially sunny rooms can require up to 10% more cooling, while shady rooms can feel just as cool with 10% less than the standard. High-occupancy rooms that regularly house more than two people will need additional cooling as well. Finally, kitchens are often more difficult to cool due to the heat from stoves and ovens; up to 4,000 extra BTUs of cooling may be necessary in these rooms. If in doubt, contact a Maytag repair specialist near you!

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