Repair or Replace?

whirlpool appliance repairAs homeowners, we are always trying to weigh short term needs against long term costs. Therefore, when a trusty appliance appears to be on the fritz, we can spend hours debating whether to call for a Maytag or Whirlpool appliance repair. Would it make more long term sense to shell out the money now and replace the entire machine? Is it going to break again? Is this going to be a reoccurring expense? These are all questions that flood our minds as we stare at our broken appliance with frustration.

When it comes down to it, the real answer lies in the nature of the problem and the age of the machine. Before signing up for Maytag repairs, think about how old your appliance is. If it is over a decade old, it might be better to replace the machine. However, if it is under five years old, it is likely built to last and you will save a significant amount of money by calling a repair specialist before springing for an entire new piece of machinery. Repair specialists are able to quickly diagnose the problem, give an estimate and tell you whether it makes sense to fix the problem or scrap the appliance for a newer model. That is what separates the Superior Appliance staff from run of the mill repairmen.

Give a call today and let us help you decide whether to replace or repair.

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