Avoiding Common Oven Mishaps

Not only can oven mishaps leave you in need of a Frigidaire oven repairFrigidaire Oven Repair , but they are also extremely dangerous for both you and your household. Avoid a few of these common oven mishaps by following our useful kitchen tips:

Do Not Overload Your Racks: Trying to fit too many dishes into your oven can overload your racks and cause food to bubble over, spill, and damage the interior of your oven. Not only will you miss out on that delicious dish you were cooking, but you will have to clean up the mess left behind.

Use Oven Mitts: When grabbing a hot tray out of the oven, make sure to use oven mitts to protect your fingers from any harmful burns.

Use Ovens For Cooking Only: Do NOT use your oven to heat your home in the colder winter months. The harmful fumes can be lethal if inhaled for too long. You can also damage your oven by keeping it on for so long.

Clean Your Oven Frequently: If you leave spills and messy grease unnoticed in your oven, it can burn and cause dangerous fires during your next use. Several ovens have self cleaning features, but if yours doesn’t, wait for the oven to cool down and then give it a thorough cleaning with soap and water or you may soon need a Brooklyn, NY appliance repair.


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