Refrigerator Food Storage 101

maytag repairsAs a prominent provider of appliance repair in Brooklyn NY, we at Superior Appliance Repair know a thing or two about proper refrigerator use. Below are some of the top tips shared for your reference:

  • Keep all fresh meat, fish, and poultry in its original packaging, as re-wrapping increases the risk of exposing the food to harmful bacteria.
  • If you’ve transferred dairy products from their original containers to receptacles, never transfer them back into their original packaging. A safer practice is to simply cover the receptacles with plastic wrap.
  • Keep fruits and vegetables separate and store like with like i.e. apples with apples, carrots with carrots. Different fruits and vegetables give off different gases which can cause others to deteriorate.
  • Refrain from washing fresh produce before refrigerating it, as the moisture can cause it to rot more quickly.
  • Store all leftovers in airtight, leak-proof clear containers or wraps. Always refrigerate leftovers within two hours of cooking and to debunk a myth, there’s no need to wait for very hot foods to cool down before storing them – modern refrigerators are perfectly capable of handling the heat.
  • Never over-fill your refrigerator as cool air needs to circulate in order to keep food at a safe temperature.
  • Do not fret in your refrigerator needs repair, just schedule an appointment with Superior Appliance Repair, the best in appliance repair in Brooklyn NY.

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