3 Tips for Efficient Drying

Performing banal household tasks, such as cleaning, vacuuming and washing and drying your laundry, can prove irritating, especially if an appliance that is intended to make your life easier does not do the job to the standard you expect. While this may be due to a machine in need of repair, sometimes inadequate results are related to bad practices. Here is how to properly utilize your Maytag dryer:

  • Do Not Overfill: Although it is not environmentally friendly to do several, very small loads of drying, it is also advisable to refrain from overloading your dyer. Loads at capacity will take much longer to dry, resulting in immediate annoyance when you open the door to find still soggy clothing.
  • Check the Vents: Ensure you regularly check the vents of your vented dryer to see that they are clean and the exhaust vent fits tightly so the outside air does not leak in.
  • Dry Similar Items Together: Try to dry smaller, lighter items together, as opposed to drying them with heavy, thicker items. If the load is mixed, the lighter items will take much longer to dry.

With that said, even when you are putting this advice into action and still not getting the results you desire, you may need to invest in Maytag dryer repair. At Superior Appliance Repair, we have seen our fair share of machine mishaps and pride ourselves on our extensive experience of appliance repair in Brooklyn NY.

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