Spotlight: Frigidaire

Frigidaire repair men are often summoned to the throne of a bygone giant of Americana, a brand well recognized for class and distinction. It has been featured in song lyrics like the 2007 Auschwitz to Ipswitch,” in which artist Jarvis Cocker referred to it as a high-end refrigerator. The brand claims the honor of starting the slang “fridge” during the 1920s and claims to have been the first to provide the electric self-contained refrigerator, home food freezer, room air conditioner, and coordinated colors for all the above.

Come 21st century, Frigidaire still makes a dazzling array of fridges, wine coolers and freezers in various styles and sizes, with all sorts of gadgets like ice makers and waterlines.

Most problems commonly associated with Frigidaire are with these newer gadgets. Cracking or dripping sounds may indicate a breach or bad seal in the lines feeding water into the fridge. Even a badly closed door could crimp a waterline, causing the supply to trail off or have a metallic taste. In all new models of Frigidaire refrigerators, it is normal for the device to take the  first 24 hours for temperature regulation. It may be a good idea not to store perishables in the fridge until this period is over.

Do not attempt to fix a fridge yourself! To find Frigidaire appliance repair, residents should contact our trained personnel at Superior Appliances.

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