How Does a Washing Machine Work?

Brooklynites are some of the most laundry-intensive people in the world, judging from all the laundromats on the street. There cannot be that many beautiful strangers doing midnight laundry, can there? Those lucky enough to have enough space for a washing machine in their apartment may be familiar with appliance repair. Brooklyn, NY certainly goes through a lot of pizza stains and bus splatter. If washing machines called a strike, the city would stink to high heaven, but how do they pull off these little miracles week after week? What makes them tick?

The guts of a washer might look simple, but when we call in the Whirlpool appliance repair man, he has to be something of a Renaissance man. Washers and dryers not only have mechanical motors, belts and pulleys, they also pump water in and out, and use electrical control panels to adjust  the whole process. Top-loading washers are almost like miniature transmissions complete with complex gearboxes! A diagnostic is simple enough, i.e.: where is it leaking? Which button does not work? However, actually taking it apart and putting it back together is a complicated affair.  The thing has to push water and soap through fabric, circulate it to conserve water and detergent, and spin the whole wad fast enough to wring the water out of clothes without spraying it all over your five-foot railroad kitchen. So when the washer goes haywire, get a repairman; they deserve to be paid.

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