Laundromat vs. Appliance Repair

Superior ApplianceLaundromats have popped up on just about every block in Brooklyn and observing people lugging seemingly endless sacks of clothes to and from has become a norm. Luckily, customers of Superior Appliance don’t have to worry about rushing to the Laundromat when issues arise with their washer or dryer. Is repairing your washer or dryer really the way to go? Just a quick look at some issues with Laundromats makes the decision to finally get that washer or dryer fixed easy!

Lets start with something simple; the laundromat is not in your apartment building. This means everything you want cleaned has to be packed up and moved (yes, by hand) to the nearest laundromat location. On the other hand, instead of waiting for a massive stockpile of dirty linen you can save time by leisurely washing and drying at home. Ease and access, however, aren’t going to convince everyone to shell out the money to repair their washer or dryer. The real decision maker is the economic value! The average cost of one load at the laundromat is at $3.00 and counting, while the energy consumed for a load at home is only a third of that; a savings of $2.00 per load.

Looking at the math, even for just a moment, it becomes clear that the upfront cost of repairing an appliance is dwarfed by the long term economic effect of the laundromat. If the economic and time reasoning still doesn’t do it for you, perhaps the constant threat of bed bugs will initiate that much needed repair call.

Want to keep out of the laundromat? Look for updates on this blog for the best tips on appliance repair!


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