Troubleshooting a Frigidaire Refrigerator


When it comes to refrigeration, Frigidaire is one of the best brands out there. In fact, this brand has become so famous that ‘’fridge’’ is now a word commonly used to refer any brand of refrigerator. This goes to show how long Frigidaire appliances have been around. That being said, even the best brands of appliances can come down with problems at times. This is why…Read more

Useful Information about In Sink Dishwashers

Sink Dishwasher

Have you ever heard about in sink dishwashers? They happen to be the newest development in the appliance industry’s attempts to find the perfect solution for small kitchens. If your kitchen is small and are looking for the perfect sized dishwasher, in sink models are worth taking a look at. Standard-sized dishwashers use valuable cabinet space and require major remodels to install of the space is not already there. We know that in sink dishwashers were designed for small kitchens, but they can be great additions to other spaces as well. Wet bars and outdoor kitchens are both excellent places to have an in sink model installed.

What you should know Before another Home Appliance

Home Appliances

Before purchasing any new appliances, a few factors need to be considered. When it’s time to purchase new units, we often go to a store, choose a model we like but we do not evaluate all the pros and cons of the chosen appliance. One of our articles this month discusses of Major Home Appliance Shopping Tips. You should read it as well. We’ve looked at a few basic elements to think about. Use them as guidelines.   Manufacturer’s Warranty An often unconsidered factor is the manufacturer’s warranty. Keep in mind that the longer the warranty, the longer you won’t have to face any repair costs. At one point, your appliances will break down and you will have to fix them. Energy Efficiency These days, energy efficiency is a key factor to keep in mind when purchasing home appliances, but be careful! The energy efficiency of similar appliances can vary

Major Home Appliance Shopping Tips

Home appliances

Although there are several appliances found in a home, we pointed out the major ones and gave you the basic elements to consider while shopping for them. Refrigerators: Think about the size. You should always plan on purchasing 8-10 cubic feet of space for a family of two, then add an additional cubic foot of space for each family member. Your kitchen has to be designed for bigger units also. Don’t buy a refrigerator that will not fit. Refrigerators with freezers on the top are more energy efficient than models with side freezers. Ovens: An important factor to consider when buying an oven is the type of cleaning process it uses. Traditional ovens require you to clean it yourself. Self-cleaning ovens often have programmable cleaning settings that use high temperatures to clean residue from the oven. This can be a great option. Continuous cleaning ovens have special finishes like porcelain

Undercounter Refrigerators


Traditional refrigerators are usually found in the kitchen and are design for storing fresh and frozen food, close to the cooking area. They are found in every home in that room and it is perfect that way. However, if you have a bigger house, you may like the idea of an undercounter refrigerator for other areas of the house. These smaller fridges are designed for using in living rooms and recreation rooms. We also regularly see them on patios or decks. It’s a lot more convenient to have an undercounter refrigerator that is close by. It is the perfect unit for those who enjoy entertaining or for anyone who needs some specific, and temperature-controlled storage space for special food and drinks such as beer, meat etc..   How Should an Undercounter Refrigerator Be Used?  Depending on the model you purchase, an undercounter refrigerator can be just as performing as conventional

The Neutrality of Stainless Steel Appliances


When you think about remodeling your kitchen, you must also consider if it will still look good within a few years. Most of the time, chosen styles will have already gone out of style. Trends and styles always change over time, so when remodeling a kitchen the best way of thinking is to stay as neutral as possible. Back in the days, wood paneling was the hottest stuff on the market and then a few years later it looked so outdated. Remember when having the biggest refrigerator or microwave meant the best quality of product. Choosing stainless steel appliances is the smartest way to stay stylish and neutral over the years.     White appliances were considered to be the ultimate neutralizer. They are while and everything else can match it. Although stainless steel appliances add a more contemporary style, they also blend in any design. As the white appliances,

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