What Should I Use the Air Fluff Cycle For?

This cycle is unknown to many of you. You’ve seen it on your dryer but never really selected it. You should know that this cycle can be very useful on delicates clothes. The air fluff cycle uses no heat or harsh tumbling. It uses light air and shifts the clothes around to get them dry. It is very gentle on fabrics and it is good for delicate garments Unlike other dryer cycles, which produce warm air around the drum to remove moisture and dry the clothes fast, the air fluff doesn’t require heat. The cycle automatically turns off the heating element or

Which Cycle Should I Choose?

If you are like me, you probably don’t really know which cycle to choose when washing your clothes. Almost all the time, I will choose the normal cycle, sometimes the delicate, but what about the other ones? You may be using the wrong cycle. For your own knowledge, the way a wash cycle works is really basic: it controls the speed at which it agitates the laundry to wash them and spin the water out of your clothes. The cycle you choose is based upon the amount of agitation and spin the load needs. However, the cycle is not responsible for everything. Indeed

How to Clean Oven Racks Using TSP Cleaner

Like most people, I don’t really enjoy cleaning my oven and to be totally honest, I don’t do it as often as I should. So when i finally give in, most of the time it’s a sticky mess. The food and grease leaves behind grime on the racks. It can be super hard to clean them and with the regular spray cleaner, it is quite a challenge. The corners are hard to reach and you may have to spend quite a bit of time to get the work done right. If you have waited too long like I do, it can

Moldy Front-Loading Washing Machine?

There are several advantages to choosing a front-load washer, over the top-loading cousin. Although they are more expensive, front-loading washing machines are known not only to look sharp but also for their energy efficiency and low water usage However, for many people, buying a front load machine has just been the beginning of problems: mainly mold and costly repairs. These cool machines are not as good as they are supposed to be. Because they are digital or electronic, fixing a front-loading washing machine is more expensive. Not only the parts are more expensive, but the cost of a getting it fixed

Why Do Some Parts of My Appliances Turn Yellow and How Can I Fix It?

If you’ve never had a white appliance turn yellow over time, you’ve probably noticed it on your friends’ appliances in the past. White plastic turns yellow with time. It is caused by the chemical reaction that occurs when the plastic is exposed to light, oils, etc. However, you may find these tips very useful if you are looking to whiten the plastic that turned yellow on your appliances. There are several techniques to use when you want to get rid of this yellow color and it can be tricky. While bleach can be an effective color remover, it may weaken

Benefits of a Convection Oven

Most people who purchased a new oven in the past few years probably have the convection setting on their oven but have never used it. This type of oven is slightly more expensive. Although convection ovens were created in the 1950s, they used to be found in professional kitchens only. Then they were made in smaller versions for home appliances. They have many benefits and can make cooking a lot more enjoyable and faster. The main difference is the way the heat is distributed. It doesn’t matter if t’s powered by gas or electricity, it can still be a convection

The Pros and Cons of Detergent Capsules

We’ve come a long way since Tide first came up with a powder detergent more than 60 years ago. Laundry detergent evolved throughout the years, from bar soap, to powder, to liquid and now to gel capsules. Capsules, also known as Pods are a pre-measured amount of liquid detergent and other ingredients such as stain booster and brightener all wrapped up in a small pack that is made to easily dissolve in the load of laundry. Same as liquid detergent, to do a load, you put a capsule in the drum of the washing machine along with the clothes and

My Washing Machine Won’t Spin or Won’t Drain

We have pointed out some DIY fix tips to get either your new or old washing machine running again. Before going any further, your first step should be to perform a master reset. This trick is what many appliance repair technicians use and it works on about 50% of washing machines. This should be done before you start taking out parts or removing panels to make sure the computer control is not at fault. To do a master reset, cautiously unplug the washing machine for one minute. Then, plug the washer cord back into the wall. Subsequently, open and close

Are Electronic Appliances More Complicated to Fix?

Technology advances fast and the appliances have evolved a lot in the past decade. While considering getting a smart refrigerator or digital laundry appliances, you should also be aware that there are often more difficult to fix. Our technicians are trained to fix mechanical and failure problems due to the unit itself, but you can experience a failure in both the control device and the mechanical components. It can be slightly harder to diagnose for our technicians. If an appliance breaks down, knowing how to diagnose the problem is as important as knowing how to fix it. Failure of a

When Should I Use the Toaster Oven Instead of the Regular Oven?

While big ovens are preferred by money to cook big meals, a counter-top oven is actually a great solution for energy-conscious, small-space cooking. This type of unit is a great option for kitchens without ovens, such as in Manhattan apartments. Small ovens are known to toast bread but can be used for a lot more. I’ve made a quick list of the things I regularly cook in my counter-top oven. It gets hot quickly and has some neat features like a magnetic rack that pulls out when the door is opened. (I see this more than you might expect in

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