The Neutrality of Stainless Steel Appliances


When you think about remodeling your kitchen, you must also consider if it will still look good within a few years. Most of the time, chosen styles will have already gone out of style. Trends and styles always change over time, so when remodeling a kitchen the best way of thinking is to stay as neutral as possible. Back in the days, wood paneling was the hottest stuff on the market and then a few years later it looked so outdated. Remember when having the biggest refrigerator or microwave meant the best quality of product. Choosing stainless steel appliances is the smartest way to stay stylish and neutral over the years.     White appliances were considered to be the ultimate neutralizer. They are while and everything else can match it. Although stainless steel appliances add a more contemporary style, they also blend in any design. As the white appliances,

Repairing Gaskets on Major Appliances

Found on all appliances, gaskets need to be replaced or repaired from time to time. They have two main purposes: They prevent leaks of water and air, and; They increase the efficiency of the appliance.   When a gasket cracks or breaks, it should be changed as soon as possible to prevent problems. To diagnose if a gasket is faulty, inspect it for cracks and tears in the plastic. Normally, it should feel spongy. If the gasket has hardened, it should be replaced.   Buy gaskets that are made specifically for the appliance. Do not purchase universal gaskets. There are two common types of gaskets Flush-mounted and: A flush-mounted gasket is secured to the door by a series of screws or clips. Channel-mounted. This type of gasket is held in a retaining groove.    Follow these 4 steps for better results at installing a new gasket:   Step 1: Remove

How to Disassemble Major Appliances


If you decided to fix your appliance yourself, you need to start by disassembling the parts. All major appliances are different, but the disassembly procedure is similar.  The best trick is to remove the parts in reverse of the way the manufacturer put them together. Read your owner’s manual for assembly pictures and instructions. Remember that you’ll have to put the appliance back together after dissembling it, so place the parts in the order in which you remove them and identify them, it will greatly help.   To disassemble a major appliance, start with the big knobs and fasteners. Many knobs and dials are push-fit and easy to fix. Knobs can also be held in place by setscrews, springs or pins. Housing panels are usually held by screws or bolts. They may also be held in place by tabs.   Some of the parts are force-fitted and may be hard

Pros and Cons of Energy Star Appliances


We all want to save energy and money. With exponential energy costs and environmental concerns in the society, Americans are looking more and more to how they can conserve energy in their home. While the purpose of identifying energy saving appliances with the Energy Star label is to make it easier for consumers to shop for appliances, it’s important to find out if the appliances that qualify really are worth the price. Read on to find out the pros and cons with Energy Star Appliances.   Pros Great Look. There design is usually very modern and they look cooler than traditional models.  Reduced Energy Costs. Recent studies show that Energy Star appliances can reduce your home appliance energy usage by up to 50 percent. Convenience. Energy Star Labeled appliances are very convenient. They perform a lot more than other models. For example, with Energy Star washers and Energy Star dryers, you

Understanding Major Appliances


Appliances are supposed to perform. We rely on them 24/7. They work hard over the years, usually without causing too many problems. Because we take them for granted, when they break down, we don’t know what to do. We don’t know why they stopped working, and we certainly don’t know how to fix it. There are two options offered to you when they break down? You can hire an appliance repair service company to fix it, or you can fix it yourself and save money. When a major appliance breaks down, diagnosing the problem is as important as knowing how to fix it.   This article will give you all the information you need to know to pull your major appliances apart and then put them back together. But before you get started on your refrigerator with a screwdriver, let’s get some background information on major appliances.   Compared to

Repairing Power Cords and Plugs

The most common type of failure on appliances is due to power problems. Appliances have many components in common, making repairs easier. The benefit is that once you’ve learned to repair a power cord on a refrigerator, repeat it on other appliances because the technique is the same. This article explains common devices that are used on major appliances and offers tips on how to fix them.  Many appliance failures are really due to worn, frayed power cords or plugs that no longer make proper electrical contact. We recommend checking all appliance cords for problems occasionally and replacing frayed or broken cords immediately. If you find a faulty cord, remove it from the appliance and test it with a continuity tester. Clip the tester to one blade of the plug and touch the probe to one of the two wires. If it’s testing positive, move it to the other wire

Is my Appliance Broken or Is It a Power Problem?

Before you attempt any appliance repair, make sure the appliance is receiving power. Power problems are the most common causes of appliance failure. Before you start the testing and diagnosis process, take these first steps: Make sure you are not out of power.   Verify the supply. If the appliance uses gas or water, check that it is receiving an adequate supply.  Make sure that the appliance is properly and firmly plugged in and that the cord, the plug, and the outlet are working properly. Afterwards, to determine whether an outlet is working, test it with a voltage tester.  Check to make sure the fuses and circuit breakers that control the circuit have not blown. It happens once in a while. Check for blown fuses or tripped circuit breakers at both the main panel and the separate panel. There may be more than one electrical entrance panel for your home, especially

Important Rules about Fixing Major Appliances


If you decide to fix your appliance yourself, there are three very important rules you must follow. It is very important. Don’t ever try to save time or money by ignoring these rules. You might not save anything at all, and you could end up electrocuting yourself or ruining the appliance.   Usually, broken or malfunctioning appliance parts can be replaced more quickly and inexpensively than they can be fixed. . In this case, refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for installation. Replace any broken or malfunctioning parts with new parts made particularly for that appliance. If you cannot find an exact replacement for the broken part, it’s okay to replace a similar part as long as it fits into the old space on the appliance.   Always make sure the electric power and /or the gas supply to the appliance is off. If adjustments are needed, turn the power off before

Advantages of SubZero

Sub Zero

This company has been in business for about 60 years. It is not the most popular but is certainly different in its look and design. It’s more of a high-end brand. SubZero has more features than popular brands offering conventional products. We’ve pointed out all the advantages that SubZero features to give you an idea: Sub Zero appliances are manufactured in the United States, so you are encouraging US economy.  Sub Zero also insures top results as the refrigerators always quality tested.  They make built-in refrigerators and wine storage units.   The refrigerators have bigger capacity than most models and they always are at accurate temperature due to their self-contained systems.   Their quality vs. their price is incomparable.  All SubZero appliances are energy efficient and tested. They use a lot less energy compared to similar models in different brands.  SubZero wants to give different options as for the types of appliances. They

Preserving Your Oven


If you apply the appropriate maintenance, any appliance you own can last you for years to come. That’s a known fact! Superior Appliance loves being able to say we are your #1 choice for appliance repair but we also want to advise you on how to keep your appliances in A1 condition for as long as possible. We wrote a quick list of our favorite, easy oven maintenance ideas that you can put in practice. Following this course of action should help your range stove appliance run in top-notch condition for a long and healthy life. Please keep in mind that not all ovens are made the same so you have to pick and choose the applicable items from the following: 1. Oven’s InteriorYou absolutely have to clean your oven every once in a while. To clean a non-self cleaning oven, use any oven cleaners found at your local hardware

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